Studien ab 2004

Übersicht von Studien und Artikeln ab 2004 zur Wirkung von Grünlippmuschel-Extrakt:

  • 2004
    • Emelyanov, A., Fedoseev, G., Krasnoshekova, O., Abulimity, A., Trendeleva, T., Barnes; P.J. Treatment of Asthma with Lipid Extract of New Zealand Green-Lipped Mussel: A Randomised Clinical Trial. The Asthma Journal of New Zealand; 14-18.
  • 2005
    • Halpern, G.M. COX-2 Inhibitors: A Story of Greed, Deception and Death. Inflammopharmacology; 13/4: 419-425
    • Sinclair, A.J., et al. Gas Chromatography-Chemical ionization-Mass Spectrometric Fatty Acid Analysis of a Commercial Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Lipid Extract from New Zealand Green-Lipped Mussel (Perna canaliculus). Lipids; 40/4: 355-360
    • Matsuyama, W.; et al. Effects of Omega-3 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids on Inflammatory Markers in COPD. Chest: The Cardiopulmonary and Critical Care Journal; 128: 3817-3827
  • 2006
    • Yuan, G., et al. Natural Products and Anti-Inflammatory Activity. Asia Pac J Clin Nutr; 15/2: 143-152
    • Macrides, T.A.., et al. Anti-Cyclooxygenase Effects of Lipid Extracts from the New Zealand Green-Lipped Mussel, Perna canaliculus. Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology, Part B; 146: 346-356
    • Pollard, B., et al. Clinical Efficacy and Tolerance of an Extract of Green-Lipped Mussel (Perna canaliculus) in Dogs Presumptively Diagnosed with Degenerative Joint Disease. New Zealand Veterinary Journal; 54: 114-118
  • 2007
    • Sankaran, J.K.; Mouly, V.S. Managing Innovation in an Emerging Sector: The Case of Marine-Based Nutraceuticals. R&D Management; 37/4: 329-344
    • Macrides, T.A., et al. Novel Anti-Inflammatory ω-3 PUFAs from the New Zealand Green-lipped Mussel, Perna canaliculus. Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology, Part B; 147: 645-656
    • Hielm-Björkman, A.; Tulamo, R.-M.; Salonen; H.; Raekallio, M. Evaluating Complementary Therapies for Canine Osteoarthritis Part I: Green-Lipped Mussel (Perna canaliculus). eCam Advance Access; doi:10.1093/ecam/nem136
  • 2008
    • Mickleborough, T. D., et al. Eicosapentaenoic acid is more effective than docosahexaenoic acid in Inhibiting proinflammatory mediator production and transcription from LPS-Induced human asthmatic alveolar macrophage cells. Clinical Nutrition; doi:10.1016/j.clnu.2008.10.012
  • 2009
    • Jacobs, A. A History of the New Zealand CO2 Supercritically Extracted Green-Lipped Mussel Oil. Wellness Foods Europe, Functional Ingredients; pp.10-13

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